Reusable Nursing Pads

I admit, during three of my pregnancies I just wore the disposable nursing pads. We have so much going on, what seems simple feels easiest and best at the time.

The older I am getting, the more I see loved ones dealing with more health issues than I ever remember hearing about as a kid. Granted, we generally don’t tell our kids everything so I am sure I was somewhat shielded, but research has definitely shown things like infertility and cancer are much higher percentages than ever.

I started looking into companies and found Beautycounter which helped educate me in what the US allows in our products that we use every day, and we trust they are safe because they are store shelves right? WRONG!

Well, it isn’t just about healthy and beauty products. It’s every day products, items, clothing, laundry soap, and even things like nursing pads.

So my last pregnancy I found these reusable bamboo nursing pads. They are so soft, and I was worried since they were a little thicker than disposable if anyone would be able to notice them under my shirts, and the answer is no, they didn’t notice, I never noticed. That being said I don’t wear skin tight shirts, nor should I lol. So if you wear tight shirts, it might be different for you, but if you wear regular t-shirts I think you’ll be just fine. If you wear business casual, just toss on an undershirt and again, you’ll be fine.

Reusable Nursing Pads

The ones I bought came in a few different colors, and like my socks I didn’t care if they matched, I mean who was going to see them lol. I also had a nice mesh bag I would keep them all in, and I just tossed them in with the babies laundry. I was able to wear a full set all day, but kept an extra one to two pairs with me just in case.

I bought them from Amazon, so this is an affiliate link, which means I get a small percentage of any purchases using this link. Which is also greatly appreciated. 🙂

Washable Reusable Nursing Pads