Natural Deodorant

Since joining Beautycounter, I have started trying to pay attention to everything else we use, especially since I have three other daughters I am raising and two of them are already wanting to wear everything I do.

I tried making my own deodorant years ago, but it was baking soda based. I had read that some people had a reaction to it, but I thought, I use this when I bake surely I won’t have a reaction. It worked great for a few days, then sure enough I had a rash starting. I thought maybe I just need to get use to this, and continued to use it until the red area was larger than my pit!

Since then, I have been nervous to buy deodorants that are baking soda based and that’s usually the first thing I ask if I see a new one. But finally I found one!

Honestly pHresh has an organic prebiotic deodorant. The prebiotics kill the bacteria that can cause part of our BO smells.

Safe Deordorant

The best part, no red rash! I have used this for several days, no sign of irritation at all. The best part is no slight BO smell at all, and it’s been up to 115 here! We get hot during the summer!

So if you are looking for safe natural deodorant that is not baking soda based, this is it!

I am not an affiliate, I do not get anything for you going to their site or buying their product. I am simply sharing my review in case you are looking for a product that works.

Honest pHresh