Mom/Daughter Time

I have tried making it a point to get some mom/daughter time, we call them dates, with each of the girls. They are each different and like different things, and yes of course they have several of the same interests and we use those for our family times out.

Up first was a pedicure date with Makaylah. Out of the little two, well current little two lol, she is more girly girl and loves this stuff! She actually wants to a pedicure/manicure appointment for her upcoming birthday day with me.


Arianna was next and loves frozen yogurt, so we went to Menchies and enjoyed a little talking over frozen deliciousness.

Arianna momdaugher time

Sonya’s was a little more unique this month. She has been wanting a tattoo, the OM, and I finally took her to get it. Pretty pleased with the tattoo she picked and we were both happy with how it turned out.


We started September off taking advantage of both of us being off on Labor Day, and took the girls to Great Skate, enjoyed pizza, the little two skated, and dad and the girls enjoyed some games before we left. Our oldest went to the session after with some of her friends. See…do what you can now before they want to spend time with other people.


It doesn’t have to cost a lot, it doesn’t have to be every weekend, but I do feel that time alone with you little helps them be more open with talking to you, and they feel special. Make the most of the time you can.

Thank you for reading about our crazy adventures!


Wednesday Fun Leads to More

The past few summers I have missed taking the girls to the Wednesday fun nights at WestGate, this year I was able to take them to two and am hoping I can take them even more next year.

The first night we went it was IronMan and Spiderman there. If we had a receipt from WichWich for $10+ then we didn’t have to stand in a line for pictures. I got there later than I wanted and thought for sure there would still be a line, even on the receipt side, but there was not. And boy was I glad after seeing the actual line, we might have been there all night! Ok, well at least until the end of all the other festivities.




Makaylah won a free two pack of donuts from Fractured Prune, they are delicious if you have not gone, you must! they make the donut right when you order it. You get to choose the toppings, glaze, drizzle etc. We ended up going on the weekend, but the girls were happy to get more time out of the house.


We went the following Wednesday and saw Princess Elena. The girls had fun dancing and we enjoyed Shane’s Ribs (no pictures but it was good BBQ).  They have something going on from the time it starts till it ends. We saw a dance performance from a local dance school, the girls got to do a few activities up on stage, etc. Definitely hoping to take the girls a few more times next year. Blessed to work at a company that has a good life/work balance.

Princess Elena

Remember, before we know it the time we have now with our kids will be gone, make the most of it! It can be done around work, sure you are tired, but this time with them means the world to them.

Thanks for catching up on our crazy adventures.

4th of July, Weekend Fun, and Family

July is half over already?! Wowza!

4th of July was a fun weekend for us. We enjoyed a BBQ with our NFF Family. The girls loved the pool, and the youngest didn’t want to get out. From light to night she was in there.


I was able to get in some mom/daughter dates over the extended weekend as well. Both the younger ones wanted a frozen yogurt date, so frozen yogurt they got.

My oldest picked a movie, The  House, so we went and enjoyed some AC, good snacks, and some laughs.


We celebrated 4th of July with my husbands family. The girls all loved being around family and seeing their cousins! It was a very nice relaxing afternoon, and again the two younger ones loved the pool time!


The following weekend we had some “business” mixed with personal. The younger two girls had their yearly Dr. check ups then we headed to Tucson to visit family. The girls love going to see family! We enjoyed a great lunch and a good visit. Then we headed to The Red Lion Inn to stay the night so the drive there and back wouldn’t be so hard.

I was pretty impressed at what we got. The room had a partial kitchen, and I say that because while it didn’t have an oven, it had a cook top including a few pans to use. They even provide a little Palmolive Dish soap!

There is a complimentary happy hour, and they have soda for those who are too young or just do not drink wine. The girls were pretty happy with the snack options.


My oldest had some online school work she needed to catch up on, so while she stayed inside I took the little two out to…can you guess?….that’s right THE POOL! lol


The hotel also included a breakfast in the morning and I have to say it was one of the best breakfasts we have had at a hotel (one that was complimentary anyways). They had sausage, potatoes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit, cereal, hot cereal, waffles, bagels and other pastries. The girls were happy and had seconds!


Yesterday, 7/12, I took the girls to their first Westgate Wednesday event they do during the summer. They loved it! To cut the photo line this week you had to show a receipt from Wich Wich for $15 or more, between certain dates, so I took them there to get something to eat. I love their Ultimate BLT! The girls enjoyed a grilled cheese.

Then when we were done eating, we were able to go get pictures taken with Iron Man and Spider-Man! Thank goodness we were able to bi-pass the regular line we would’ve been standing there for the whole event! The girls had a little fun in the little splash pad area that is there and then just enjoyed dancing and getting called up on stage for a few games. My youngest even won Fractured Prune Donut Pack!


I definitely plan on making this a regular thing next year as this year is almost over for the summer events.

It’s so important to get in as much time with our kiddos as possible, esp if you are a working parent. Make the most of your time with them, let them know they are loved.

Thanks for catching up on our craziness!

Oh, I will leave you with this. I am now 19 weeks along with little Arizona! Almost half way done!