Cleaning Makeup Brushes


Did you know that dirty makeup brushes could be an additional cause for acne or skin issues? Eek!

1 – If you don’t clean them at least once a month, the makeup and dead skin left on the brushes could start being abrasive on your face, even if you don’t feel or see it. This opens your skin for bacteria and buildup.

2 – The bacteria building up on unclean brushes, can then be transferred to the makeup products you are using, and then transferred to your other brushes!

3 – If you are using the brushes for liquid foundation, clean them at least twice a month as there is more being left on these brushes.

So what happens when you clean your brushes?

1 – Cleaning your brushes once a month prevents the spreading of bacteria.

2 – Old makeup and dead skin cells are cleaned off of the brush, leaving you with non-abrasive brushes for your face.

3 – You will actually get better color application from clean brushes.

4 – Your brushes will last longer! Who wants to spend money on buying more brushes when we can clean them properly and have them last longer?!

Here is a video discussing this, and showing you how I clean my brushes and what I use.