Camping Weekend Fun

Wowza where does the time? Oh I know, it goes to work, it goes to homework time, it goes to cooking, oh the so many things we do as an adult, and we thought adulting would be all fun, lol.

Actually, we should make sure to enjoy some time for ourselves, and with our families. this weekend, well over a month ago now, was just that. Having fun with family, extended family, new friends.

On the way up there Rosie, our dog, decided being a lap dog was the best way to travel.


Once we got there, we got our tents all set up. Since there are 5 of us, and Rosie we ended up with 2 tents, one smaller and one larger, and then a screened tent where we set up Rosie and our coolers and little cooking area.

Wanted to make sure we had some quick meals so after scouring google and pinterest I ended putting together a few things. Not pictured is a sandwich option, we had rotisserie chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and brought some miracle whip. I just had a baggie for each part of this, and then put it all together in a bigger bag to keep it all together.  One of the things I was excited to try is called walking tacos. I did the same as with the sandwiches, put tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onion in bags and put everything in a bigger bag. The only thing I needed to cook was the hamburger, once heated we added the toppings we want into a bag of doritos or fritos with the hamburger grabbed a fork and we were good to go. I took a few bottles of shake and make pancake mix, bacon and eggs, girls loved having this for breakfast. Easiest meal was the fried chicken and potato salad we took just to grab something and not worry about cooking or washing anything.

The girls ended up having a blast. I was worried they were going to get bored since normally our camping involves a lake and swim time. They hung out with other kids there and they did their own thing. I am pretty sure I only saw them at meals lol.

We set up to make smores our first night. I think this was the one thing they were looking forward to once I told them we were going camping, lol. They passed out within minutes the first night.

You’ll notice my oldest is missing. She found some teens/young adults to hang out with, and we did not see her, even for meals lol. I do have a group photo, but not sure everyone wants the photo public, so not posting that.

Saturday they had some fun games set up for the kids, also for the adults, but again not sure they all want those photos posted lol. For the kids they had a bottle drinking contest, it was very funny watching them trying to drink from a bottle. They had a tug a war game where they put stockings on their heads and tried pulling the other side of off the other kids heads. They also had sack races, and poor Makaylah, the sack was just about as big as her, so she got some help towards the end.

We got a trip out in a razor. It was nice getting out and made us think about some things we would like to save for, one day.


This is a year event that we plan on attending. Next year might be a little more tricky with the baby, but we’ll see how it all goes. Below is the awesome group we were with. They are our extended family, and some of the best friend anyone can ask for. I am looking forward to some fun end of the year events with them.

camping group

Thank you for catching up with our crazy fun.