Clear Skin Tips

My BC for clear skin

Let’s talk about clearing up, and keeping it clear, your skin.

When I got pregnant, my skin went crazy! I was honestly getting a little depressed. My skin went from combo to extra dry, and even more like the dang desert after I had her and started nursing. Eek! So you definitely need to know your skin type and make sure what you are using is for your skin type.

Fast forward to today where I am pretty much back to a combo skin. So most of the products below are great for combo/oily skin, if that is not you, let’s chat before you head on over to the site to purchase anything. In fact, let’s chat anyways because I want to make sure your skin care needs are being met.

First, keep in mind that clear skin is not just what you use on your face/body, it’s also what you put into your body. That being said, a good routine can still help fight most, if not all, acne/skin issues.

If reading is not your thing and you managed to make it this far lol, check out this video.

Proper skin care is not just washing your face, it’s making sure it gets exfoliated, which helps keep your pores from getting clogged (which causes most common acne issues). Sebum is produced in our pores, and while it helps keep our face moisturized, we don’t want it getting clogged or an excess amount of it.

Be sure that what you are using, is SAFE to use. That’s why I put my trust in Beautycounter. They ban 1500 (more than European Union) ingredients.  Check the EWG’s Skin Deep Guide.

The first step in my routine is my charcoal cleansing bar. I keep one for hands and face at the sink, and then one in my shower. I am not a shower gel gal, I like bar soap.  This has activated charcoal is great for pulling out impurities and cleansing pores.

2 – 3 times a week, 3 seems to be a magic number for me, I use the Charcoal mask. This has kaolin clay which helps absorb excess oil and then has salicylic and lactic acids which are great for exfoliating. I can always tell by my nose that this has done it’s job. The little bumps are gone leaving my nose, and the rest of my face, baby butt smooth. This is even safe for your kids to use!

There is a balancing oil (this is where your skin type comes into play) that I add to the Coutermatch Adaptive Lotion (I just use 2 drops with the lotion) to help keep my face moisturized, balanced, and calm any redness. It has several amazing oils like Rosehip and ylang ylang.

Quick side note, the Countermatch line is adaptive to all skin types giving you what you need throughout the day when you need it. AMAZING!

Now if you like setting your makeup, or you just need a little extra help through the day, there is also a Balancing Mist.  This can be sprayed before you apply your makeup, after to set it, or used throughout the day for any excess oil you might have. I try to keep this on hand, but have found that by using the right other steps above, I don’t really have any excess oil through the day.

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