Bump Boxes

Everything seems to have a subscription type box now. I have to say I have tried a few of them, and right now my favorite is Bump Boxes! You get a boxed through each month of your pregnancy, and you can continue through your child’s first year.

I was excited when my first one arrived.

While my review is definitely late with this one, I am pleased to say I enjoyed all the different products that were sent.

The ecotools muslin cloths are amazing! Very soft on the face, perfect for washing/rinsing of your face.

The Cleansing face mas was nice, I just caution it is a little gritty (like microdermabrasion type grit) so be careful not to scrub too hard when applying or rinsing off.

The body wash smells amazing and was nice as well.

I only used the skin lightening cream once, it was nice and lightweight. I just don’t usually change the products I use as my face can be sensitive, but I wanted to at least try it.

The coconut eye pads were amazing, nice and cool! I do want to buy more of those actually. Felt like they were just what I needed.


I couldn’t wait to see what was in my second box!


I love how the belly butter feels! The massage device, not even sure what that is called honestly, but it feels great on my back and my daughters love rubbing my back with it, and of course they would like a rub in exchange lol.

My oldest tried the hand and foot massager, and I don’t think it ever made it’s way back to me. She said it feels amazing on her feet. I am going to have to hijack that back.

The softening foot and heel balm is amazing! I use it every night right now.

The maple peacan ONA Cookie was ok. I am use to sweet cookies, and while this did have some sweet, I don’t think it would satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.

The Momosa book was awesome! I haven’t made anything just yet, but am marking the recipes I want to try. Will share later what I ended up making and how I liked them.

I highly suggest if you are expecting, signing up for this Bump Box monthly subscription box and get some pampering sent right to your door.


Homemade Popsicles

One of the products I love from TruVision is the Heart & Hydration! It comes in a fruit punch or grape flavor. My girls (even the youngest pickiest one) love it as well! So, I decided to make some cold treats for us to enjoy in the evening. That’s right, popsicles!


I bought some 100% juice to mix with the Heart & Hydration, and then some berries to toss in. I took one packet of the H&H and mixed with a bottle of water. I put some berries in first.


Then I added some H&H to them. Followed by the juice.

I made them in the morning, so then off to work and the Boys and Girls Club we all went. Then after dinner, the girls loved them! It is now our nightly “treat”!


Why do I love Heart & Hydration? It replenishes those electrolytes we need, hydrates your body, and is good for your heart with NO SUGAR! This isn’t your typical sports drink, it’s better!


If you are like me, you want yourself, and your whole family, to be as healthy as possible. And let’s face, who likes drinking ONLY water?! Not I! So this gives you something else to drink, and you can safely let your family drink this as well.


4th of July, Weekend Fun, and Family

July is half over already?! Wowza!

4th of July was a fun weekend for us. We enjoyed a BBQ with our NFF Family. The girls loved the pool, and the youngest didn’t want to get out. From light to night she was in there.


I was able to get in some mom/daughter dates over the extended weekend as well. Both the younger ones wanted a frozen yogurt date, so frozen yogurt they got.

My oldest picked a movie, The  House, so we went and enjoyed some AC, good snacks, and some laughs.


We celebrated 4th of July with my husbands family. The girls all loved being around family and seeing their cousins! It was a very nice relaxing afternoon, and again the two younger ones loved the pool time!


The following weekend we had some “business” mixed with personal. The younger two girls had their yearly Dr. check ups then we headed to Tucson to visit family. The girls love going to see family! We enjoyed a great lunch and a good visit. Then we headed to The Red Lion Inn to stay the night so the drive there and back wouldn’t be so hard.

I was pretty impressed at what we got. The room had a partial kitchen, and I say that because while it didn’t have an oven, it had a cook top including a few pans to use. They even provide a little Palmolive Dish soap!

There is a complimentary happy hour, and they have soda for those who are too young or just do not drink wine. The girls were pretty happy with the snack options.


My oldest had some online school work she needed to catch up on, so while she stayed inside I took the little two out to…can you guess?….that’s right THE POOL! lol


The hotel also included a breakfast in the morning and I have to say it was one of the best breakfasts we have had at a hotel (one that was complimentary anyways). They had sausage, potatoes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit, cereal, hot cereal, waffles, bagels and other pastries. The girls were happy and had seconds!


Yesterday, 7/12, I took the girls to their first Westgate Wednesday event they do during the summer. They loved it! To cut the photo line this week you had to show a receipt from Wich Wich for $15 or more, between certain dates, so I took them there to get something to eat. I love their Ultimate BLT! The girls enjoyed a grilled cheese.

Then when we were done eating, we were able to go get pictures taken with Iron Man and Spider-Man! Thank goodness we were able to bi-pass the regular line we would’ve been standing there for the whole event! The girls had a little fun in the little splash pad area that is there and then just enjoyed dancing and getting called up on stage for a few games. My youngest even won Fractured Prune Donut Pack!


I definitely plan on making this a regular thing next year as this year is almost over for the summer events.

It’s so important to get in as much time with our kiddos as possible, esp if you are a working parent. Make the most of your time with them, let them know they are loved.

Thanks for catching up on our craziness!

Oh, I will leave you with this. I am now 19 weeks along with little Arizona! Almost half way done!



Water – Tucson Trip – 60th Birthday

I am so blessed to have found a group of people that do things through the year for the community around us, focus on military/vets/homeless vets. One of the friends of the club works with homeless vets, and it’s a very hot time of year for us right now so they collect water to hand out. Our shop came through in such a big way, it makes my heart happy to know these people, and help their causes.


We went back to Tucson to visit my mom for her 60th birthday, and my sister and her family came over as well. This time I did get some pictures, but I still missed one of my nephews! Next time I will get everyone! Our youngest nephew, pictured below, is just now about 4 months, he is so cute!

One of the things my mom loves, is being crafty/artsy, so she likes to try and plan something to do with the kids when they go. Wish such a range of ages, it’s hard sometimes to get something that everyone will enjoy, but the girls have always seemed to love what she has for them. This time, it was painting using a toilet paper flower, I am not sure how else to explain it and of course I didn’t get a picture of them. After the girls were done using that, they used paint brushes, colored pens, markers to finish their work of Art.

We just enjoyed a fast lunch of pizza, gets hard traveling and making something etc. The kids were pretty pleased. 🙂 My sister made an amazing black forest cake, can’t wait to see that recipe! My mom enjoyed some gifts and bright flowers.

It was a great weekend with awesome friends/family. Love those kind of weekends. I guess now I have to start getting my next couple weeks worth of  meals planned and get my shopping list done. Trying very hard to stay healthy through the rest of this pregnancy. Of course pizza here and there never hurts. Thank you for catching up with us!

Graduation Party, Tucson Trip, Baby Girl, and More!

Phew, I feel like I fall behind on posting what we are up to, and then when I post three is so much to catch up on! The craziness we call life never ends right?!

So first up was a graduation party that we went to as a family. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. the girls got to enjoy some pool time, and then my oldest decided she didn’t really want to be captured on photo, lol. We had some great food, great laughs, and were very appreciative to have been included in this special occasion.

Pool party

I had originally opted to not do any testing, and then at another appointment decided to go ahead and do testing and add the gender test. We are having our fourth girl! So crazy, but we make some beautiful girls so one more is just fine. ❤

It's a girl

We took a trip to Tucson to visit my uncle’s family and my sister came over too! It was great to see her. And I don’t know what happened, but I severely lacked in the picture department while there. However, my youngest had my oldest take a picture of her at the rest stop on the way back, because she knows I love pictures! Lol


The girls get to dress up on Fridays. I think they are two of the only ones to be consistent with it, but they look forward to each new week. First they Alohaed into Summer, then the Pirates took on the Caribbean, and then Superheroes took on Villians!

I am now 15 weeks, well almost 16 weeks, along with this little girl. We haven’t settled on a name yet, but there are are a few in the works.

15 weeks

I tried chicken and waffles a while ago, probably like a few years ago, with a friend. However, it was said that we have got to try LoLo’s, so I finally did! I have to admit, it was much better than the first try somewhere else. Their cornbread was great too, however the actual corn kernels threw me off a little.

chicken and waffles

I took the girls out to frozen yogurt since we weren’t able to make the last food truck event. They were happy to be inside where it was nice and cool with a nice cool treat!

I ordered TruVision rePlace shakes. They come packed with 20 grams of protein and so many other nutrients your body needs. I also got some Heart and Hydration. With this heat sucking everything out of a person I want to stay hydrated but make sure my other levels are good as well. Best part, it’s better than a sports drink, less the sugar and calories! I plan to have the rePlace at night after working out, or as a snack if I am feeling extra hungry during the day.


To help celebrate a friends birthday, we went and had lunch, and then we got pedicures. It was nice. And it was a reminder to myself that we need to treat ourselves like that, more than just once or twice a year.

pedicure with the ladies

I have to say I love Walmart Grocery ordering, and picking up and done. It has been saving me so much time! Now normally I would have a separate post about meal prepping with recipes, but I didn’t save the links. So I will share some of what I did and next time I will be sure to have links.

For breakfasts this week we are having paleo chocolate waffles, pumkin pancakes and muffins. I threw some mini chocolate chips in the muffins and waffles. I make some scrambled eggs in the morning and cut up some fruit and done.

For lunches this week, I have BLT salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing, and chicken egg roll in a bowl.

For dinners, I prepped a few veggies packs (carrots, red potatoes, and cabbage) to go with some corned beef we had in the freezer. *Hint, when packing something to go in the crock pot, put what you want on top, in the bag first* I also cut up some chicken breast into smaller pieces to make crispy chicken tenders. I am using up some other items we have in the freezer like a roast and other veggies, and then I got some spaghetti and garlic bread for a couple easy dinners, one this week and one next.

The tenders didn’t come out how I was hoping in our Airfyer, so I will try it a little different net time. the fries I am always happy with how they turn out. nice and crispy.

This week we started off with a Kona Ice truck coming to work! It was a great cool down treat for a week of high temps!

work kona ice

If you live in the Phoenix area, or another area were there are high temps (triple digits yikes) stay well hydrated! thank you for checking in our craziness. Enjoy life, be kind, show love!

The Zoo, a Birthday (or two) and Memorial Weekend Trip

So two weekends ago we took a little trip to Yuma. Our destination was part of a passbook ride we are doing for Starabella, who is a little girl who has cancer. This passbook ride is to help raise funds to her family to help with treatment, give them maybe even a mini vacation without having to worry about costs etc.

Our first stop for the ride was Yuma Territorial Prison. They had these beautiful flower bushes outside.

Yuma girls

While in Yuma we stopped at the Armed Forces Park. it was much bigger than seen below, and they still have places to add more names. They honored all of the military branches here which I think is awesome.


We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch, and I was actually able to capture a picture of my husband with our youngest daughter.

Yuma dad and Makaylah

We have driven through Gila Bend a few times on other trips we have done, and we always see these two planes and I told Travis this time I wanted to stop and get a few pictures. I got one of me with the two girls.

Gila Bend Plan

My oldest daughters birthday was on the 22nd. I took that day to spend with my youngest and her class on their end of year field trip. So after my oldest got out of school I picked her up and treated her to ColdStone.

Sonya coldstone

She received mostly electronic gadgets this year. iPhone 7, laptop, and we will be giving her another gift this summer (more details once that time comes).

Sonya presents

My little two got out of school a day before my oldest. To kick off summer with them, I took them to zoo (that zoo membership pays for itself, even if I don’t go as often as I think I will). To help save money since we were getting ready to go out of town on a trip, we took water and lunch with us.

For Memorial weekend (also my birthday weekend) we wanted to finish up the stops for the passbook ride, and have some fun with the family out of town. Unfortunately my oldest ended up getting sick, so it was just the little two who ended up going, but we had a good time.

We first stopped by the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. We originally didn’t think we could afford to go in, so I wasn’t worried about their hours. They were closed when we got there and we decided we would take another trip another time and actually go in/through.

We ended up stopping by a Burger King for a pit stop and grabbed a few chicken nuggets for the girls and drinks. Outside in the lot across from them, they had some Navajo Sweat Lodges set up so we could see what those look like. The girls were able to go inside a smaller one.

We then headed up to 4 Corners. I do recommend going at least once. It is pretty neat being able to be in 4 different states. We didn’t wait in the long line to stand right in the middle of all 4 states, but we did walk up the different ramps for the different states.

Again, to save money we took dollar store lunchables with us, and precooked a few different dishes to eat cold while out and about during the day.

We stayed the night in Winslow, AZ at Motel 6. They do not have free breakfast, but do have free Wi-Fi and they have an indoor poll and hot tub. Since I am pregnant, I cannot get in hot tubs right now, but my husband said it was more like a hot bath and not what you expect from a hot tub. The beds were too hard for me, so I had a hard time sleeping that night, however, my husband actually slept better than at other places. Just depends on what you prefer. The girls had a blast in the pool, it was bit too chilly for me, so I didn’t get all the way in, but waded a little while they played.

The next day we hit the spot they are famous for, Standing on the Corner.

Memorial standing on the corner

While seeing if there was anything else to see or do near Winslow, I found that they had a 9/11 Remembrance Garden, so we stopped by that on the way out of town.

Memorial 911 rememberance garden

We stopped in Prescott for our 2nd night and stated at American’s Best Inn. I was able to sleep much better once we got the temp right in the room. They had a mini fridge and microwave in the the room, and had free breakfast. The girls of course loved the indoor pool and hot tub most. My husband said this hot tub was definitely a hot tub and I could definitely not get in this one.

While in Prescott we stopped by the Civic Center to check out some of the cool statues there.

memorial prescott

Monday we enjoyed breakfast, they had some mini muffins and cinnamon rolls, a few different cereals to choose from, coffee/tea/hot cocoa, waffle maker, and hot cereal. We took out time getting ready, and then headed home.

My stomach was an issue a few times on the trip. Especially since we decided to come home through Yarnell, and drove through all that twisty road. I thought I would be ok, but found out different. Thankfully I didn’t get sick though. Still figuring out what this baby likes and doesn’t like and so close to being fully through 1st trimester, yay!

I hope you have all had a great past few weeks, a great Memorial Day, and hope you took some time to visit a memorial service, or at least took a time of silence in observance of Memorial Day.

Remember to cherish the time you have with your loved ones, you never know when things might change. Thank you for reading about our crazy adventures!


Baby Brown Week 11

It still seems like yesterday we were told that I was pregnant, and yet it seems like I should be further than just 11 weeks. Knowing this will be my last, I am trying to enjoy every moment (super easy when morning sickness is an all day thing right).

The last few days I have finally felt as close to normal as possible, just extremely exhausted at night. ENERGY COME BACK.

That being said, what got me through most of my first trimester? CARBS! Do you know how hard it is seeing the scale go back up so quickly after working so hard to get it down (and it was a slow process)!? I know I know, I am pregnant and I will gain some weight, but not so much in just the first trimester. I am trying to not focus on that, but it’s hard, not going to lie. I gained a ton of weight in my first pregnancy, did great with the middle two (even lost the pregnancy weight from the middle two before my 6 week check up). What I wanted if I did have a fourth pregnancy, was to have a cute pregnancy, with a cute baby belly. I think God tried waiting to give me everything I wanted, and then I jumped the gun scheduling my tubes to be tied and there was no more waiting for me to loose the weight lol.

So now I am here, a fourth overweight pregnancy, trying to not flip out at how much weight I have already gained. My focus (now that I am not nauseous all day) is just going to be getting back to healthier diet and incorporate my walking in again. I have Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds at home so I can add in more at night (once my energy is back, or at least more). Then I will just work with my OB for good goals from here on out.

Why share this? Because I am not the only one who feels this way, and I want you to know it’s ok. But you can’t stay focused on it. You are where you are, I am where I am, and all we can do is be healthy for ourselves and our baby we are growing into a tiny human. Stay positive cause that precious little baby can feel your vibes and a positive atmosphere is best. Enjoy every minute of it (ok maybe after the morning sickness is gone lol).

I don’t know that I tracked my progress with baby bumps in any of my previous pregnancies because of the overweight thing, so I am going well out of my comfort zone to do that with this one. Maybe you are not comfortable with that, but track it for you, even if you don’t share the photos. You and your little one at some point in the future might want to look back on this precious time. So this is me, sharing where I am at 11 weeks.