Oh Little Peanut!

I didn’t realize it had been such a long time since my last update. I was 32 weeks and now little peanut is just over 7 months old!

The last several weeks of the pregnancy were rough. I went from bedrest and being able to work from home to complete bedrest in the same week. Little one tried coming at 33 weeks, so the goal was to get to me to 37 weeks. We managed to get to 37 weeks and then I was induced.


She entered the world at 1:09 PM on November 16th weighing 8lbs 13oz. Let me tell you I do not want to know how much more she would’ve weighed had she baked any longer lol.

We soon discovered this little one, would start our adventure in learning sign language. She failed her first hearing test just like Makaylah, so I didn’t think anything of it at first, then she failed her second, but they said that it could still be fluid. So we went back to the hospital a week later, and she failed that test leading us to a pediatric audiologist. Sure enough she was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss.


She is absolutely perfect in our eyes. That day we were given the diagnosis, my head was spinning just a bit with everyone I was told we would be in touch with. At first I was very confused who did what. We see the audiologist regularly right now, a hearing specialist to make sure she is staying where she should for all her milestones and how we can help her, a case worker who sets goals every 6 months, her regular Dr/Pediatrician who has been great keeping everything together and up to date, and then an ENT because she has had fluid since day 1. We will be getting ear tubes very soon.

Fast forward to today and she is about 7 1/2 months old now.


I have been able to go to a few events to help me connect to other parents who have child with hearing loss. I have attended an advocacy class, and I even started online ASL courses. I want her to always feel comfortable in her own home, and never have to struggle to communicate with us, or be exhausted from “communicating” all day out of the house and then just not want to when she gets home. This is her safe place and we will do everything we can to ensure she always feels safe, loved, and not like she is has to “work” to talk to her family.

When I was told I was pregnant, the day of my tubal procedure, I could’ve never imagined where this would lead us. I cannot imagine my life with her, and I cannot imagine not wanting to learn sign language now.

She was the blessing we never saw coming, and she completes my heart.


32 Weeks Already!?

I feel like with always trying to catch up my posts, I never get caught up as something else already happened lol. So just going with the most current for this post.

As of today I am now 32 weeks, which seems so crazy that officially there is just 8 weeks left.


Due to my age, having a premie before, and other fun stuff they are starting me this week with non-stress tests, and next week it will be three appointments a week (two are at least on the same day).

As of a few days ago, I have been having a hard time catching my breath, at least that is how it feels. Not trying to rush her at all, but if she could move down just a little and give my lungs some room that would be fabulous. 🙂

We had our baby shower last weekend and little Ms. Arizona is already loved and spoiled. This coming weekend is time to get everything finished setting up and moved around. 🙂 I just have her dresser/changing table to paint and everything else is ready. Phew.

I forgot to take a picture of the hostess gifts, but they received a stemless wine glass that says It’s A Girl on it..I put some white life savers in them and a votive candle. I am so thankful for them for putting this together. Loved how it was decorated and I think everyone enjoyed the games. ❤

So crazy we are about half way through October already. Well, thank you for following our crazy lives along.

Mom/Daughter Time

I have tried making it a point to get some mom/daughter time, we call them dates, with each of the girls. They are each different and like different things, and yes of course they have several of the same interests and we use those for our family times out.

Up first was a pedicure date with Makaylah. Out of the little two, well current little two lol, she is more girly girl and loves this stuff! She actually wants to a pedicure/manicure appointment for her upcoming birthday day with me.


Arianna was next and loves frozen yogurt, so we went to Menchies and enjoyed a little talking over frozen deliciousness.

Arianna momdaugher time

Sonya’s was a little more unique this month. She has been wanting a tattoo, the OM, and I finally took her to get it. Pretty pleased with the tattoo she picked and we were both happy with how it turned out.


We started September off taking advantage of both of us being off on Labor Day, and took the girls to Great Skate, enjoyed pizza, the little two skated, and dad and the girls enjoyed some games before we left. Our oldest went to the session after with some of her friends. See…do what you can now before they want to spend time with other people.


It doesn’t have to cost a lot, it doesn’t have to be every weekend, but I do feel that time alone with you little helps them be more open with talking to you, and they feel special. Make the most of the time you can.

Thank you for reading about our crazy adventures!

Craft Time!

Last month I actually did something just for me, not a date out friends, not a date with the hubby, not a date with the girls, just me. I don’t it that often, and the biggest reason is because I don’t like doing things by myself, lol. But I have to admit this was fun. I enjoyed conversation with the people around me.

This is even something I am thinking about getting into, this can be done as a business!

Back to the fun though, we made a hello fall sign. Everything you needs comes in a kit, minus hot glue and scissors etc.

Craft night

When you attend one of these nights, there is someone there to direct you each step of the way, like a paint night. I have seen these signs before but was intimidated to even try doing it on my own, but after doing one, I am hooked!

For the letters, which is what always intimidated me, we used transfer paper before doing the final dark color. The paper takes a little work to make sure it comes off and transfers correctly, but once you have the hang of it, it’s just a matter of not rushing.



While I was there I saw the back to school chalk board signs and had to get it, front and back!


My oldest is not so much a picture fan anymore….I will get her yet though lol.

There is one for babies that I am going to get the next craft night I go to.

Thank you for reading about our crazy adventures.

Wednesday Fun Leads to More

The past few summers I have missed taking the girls to the Wednesday fun nights at WestGate, this year I was able to take them to two and am hoping I can take them even more next year.

The first night we went it was IronMan and Spiderman there. If we had a receipt from WichWich for $10+ then we didn’t have to stand in a line for pictures. I got there later than I wanted and thought for sure there would still be a line, even on the receipt side, but there was not. And boy was I glad after seeing the actual line, we might have been there all night! Ok, well at least until the end of all the other festivities.




Makaylah won a free two pack of donuts from Fractured Prune, they are delicious if you have not gone, you must! they make the donut right when you order it. You get to choose the toppings, glaze, drizzle etc. We ended up going on the weekend, but the girls were happy to get more time out of the house.


We went the following Wednesday and saw Princess Elena. The girls had fun dancing and we enjoyed Shane’s Ribs (no pictures but it was good BBQ).  They have something going on from the time it starts till it ends. We saw a dance performance from a local dance school, the girls got to do a few activities up on stage, etc. Definitely hoping to take the girls a few more times next year. Blessed to work at a company that has a good life/work balance.

Princess Elena

Remember, before we know it the time we have now with our kids will be gone, make the most of it! It can be done around work, sure you are tired, but this time with them means the world to them.

Thanks for catching up on our crazy adventures.

Camping Weekend Fun

Wowza where does the time? Oh I know, it goes to work, it goes to homework time, it goes to cooking, oh the so many things we do as an adult, and we thought adulting would be all fun, lol.

Actually, we should make sure to enjoy some time for ourselves, and with our families. this weekend, well over a month ago now, was just that. Having fun with family, extended family, new friends.

On the way up there Rosie, our dog, decided being a lap dog was the best way to travel.


Once we got there, we got our tents all set up. Since there are 5 of us, and Rosie we ended up with 2 tents, one smaller and one larger, and then a screened tent where we set up Rosie and our coolers and little cooking area.

Wanted to make sure we had some quick meals so after scouring google and pinterest I ended putting together a few things. Not pictured is a sandwich option, we had rotisserie chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and brought some miracle whip. I just had a baggie for each part of this, and then put it all together in a bigger bag to keep it all together.  One of the things I was excited to try is called walking tacos. I did the same as with the sandwiches, put tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onion in bags and put everything in a bigger bag. The only thing I needed to cook was the hamburger, once heated we added the toppings we want into a bag of doritos or fritos with the hamburger grabbed a fork and we were good to go. I took a few bottles of shake and make pancake mix, bacon and eggs, girls loved having this for breakfast. Easiest meal was the fried chicken and potato salad we took just to grab something and not worry about cooking or washing anything.

The girls ended up having a blast. I was worried they were going to get bored since normally our camping involves a lake and swim time. They hung out with other kids there and they did their own thing. I am pretty sure I only saw them at meals lol.

We set up to make smores our first night. I think this was the one thing they were looking forward to once I told them we were going camping, lol. They passed out within minutes the first night.

You’ll notice my oldest is missing. She found some teens/young adults to hang out with, and we did not see her, even for meals lol. I do have a group photo, but not sure everyone wants the photo public, so not posting that.

Saturday they had some fun games set up for the kids, also for the adults, but again not sure they all want those photos posted lol. For the kids they had a bottle drinking contest, it was very funny watching them trying to drink from a bottle. They had a tug a war game where they put stockings on their heads and tried pulling the other side of off the other kids heads. They also had sack races, and poor Makaylah, the sack was just about as big as her, so she got some help towards the end.

We got a trip out in a razor. It was nice getting out and made us think about some things we would like to save for, one day.


This is a year event that we plan on attending. Next year might be a little more tricky with the baby, but we’ll see how it all goes. Below is the awesome group we were with. They are our extended family, and some of the best friend anyone can ask for. I am looking forward to some fun end of the year events with them.

camping group

Thank you for catching up with our crazy fun.

Camping Must Haves

No surprise I am behind on our adventures, lol…Before I catch up I wanted to share our camping must haves!

First up on my list is sunscreen and lip conditioner. Beautycounter is my go to for anything that goes on on our skin since it’s free of parabens and over 1500 other harmful chemicals and ingredients. They have the strictest standards in the US, and even stricter than European standards! We used this sunscreen over our camping weekend, and not a one of us got burnt. The Lip Conditioner is fabulous! I use it at night and my lips are nice and soft in the mornings, no chapped lips here thank you!


The next thing we have to take with us, is our Heart and Hydration! This is not your average “hydrating” drink, and it’s better than any sports drink. While hydrating your body, you are also promoting healthy heart with ingredients like CoQ10, D-Ribose, and more. There is even some Elderberry in there which is used for their antioxidant properties. With no sugar and low calories, this is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle!


While we didn’t need these for our last trip, I suggest having some games on hand to prevent any boredom. We did actually break out the glow sticks party set the second night and the girls loved making bracelets and necklaces to wear around the campfire that night. I bought two of the catch games this way four of us could play if we broke them out instead of just two, but we didn’t even open them. Going in a group helped the kids stay occupied with their walks and hanging out. 🙂


More to come of our last camping trip and the fun we had.