Clean Eating Snacks

Trying to keep up with a healthy diet can seem like a challenge in today’s fast paced society. We are rushing from home to work back to home with little time to make a dinner and then to bed so we can get up and do it all over again. Eek! Then you add in the convenience of fast food, take out, or delivery and you have about the unhealthiest lifestyle with diet you could have.

Snacking isn’t always thought about when planning out the main meals in a day, and then we either end up grab something that is available or we throw making dinner out the window because we are starving! Again, EEK!

So here are some things you can either grab and take, or make ahead and keep in a cooler with you for the day.

Clean Eating Snacks

Check back for more ideas! Happy clean eating!



Meal Planning

Sunday is winding down, are you ready for the week? Part of the time I set aside every weekend is getting myself prepared for the week, so I can stay on track. Doesn’t mean that I don’t slip now and then, but preparing for the week helps me stay more on track.

So, how do I get started, or maybe you’re asking yourself how you get started. One thing that has helped me is once a month I am in a clean eating group that runs for a week. It helps get me some good clean recipes. Outside of that week, when I think about dinners, I try to cut bad carbs, use whole grains, veggies, and a good protein source.

I start first with checking my fridge, freezer, and cupboards to see what I have to work with. Then I check to see what is on sale at the store, esp. the buy one get one free deals.


Once I know what is on sale, I plan my dinners around that, and I try to plan for crock pot dinners. For us, this is because both my husband and myself work outside the home, and are gone for 11- 12 hours a day, so having a home cooked dinner means using our crock pot. Sometimes I will make something ahead of time, or at least get the meat cooked, anything that helps save time. Check out Meal Prep Helpers for more saving time tips.

This week pork loin and chicken was on sale. So I made some chicken dinners and two bags ready for pulled pork dinners.


Some of these are more than enough for two nights, so this will take us through a week and into the beginning of the next.

For lunches, I have been using salad kits and a rotisserie chicken. I use to think there was no way I could salad every day. However, with the kits, I am getting a variety so not eating the same salad every day. Having my lunches ready to go, helps me not order something or go grab a calorie filled lunch that is full of fat and probably enough calories for a whole day if not two.


For snacks, I get already cut veggies and some hummus or guacamole for my dip. Sometimes I use the whole grain sandwich thins with guacamole and sandwich meat. Fruit is always a good option as well, however I recommend eating any fruit before 2 in the afternoon.


If you have anything you can share with us, what helps you, how do you stay on track, what methods do you use for meal planning, we would love to hear them.

Meal Prep Helpers

If you are like me, your week is hectic, and sometimes you run later than you should due to traffic, needing to fishing things up at work, errand at last minute, etc. It feels like we have so little time at night when we get home, esp when you have kids who are definitely on a schedule to get to bed for tomorrow. Trying to fix a healthy meal with little time at night doesn’t leave a lot of time for homework help/review, reading bedtime stories, bath time, or for yourself.

What has really helped us is starting to use our crock pot as much as possible. Once a month, one of our awesome coaches hosts a 5 Day Clean Eating Crock Pot group. I have picked up some get recipes in there, and of course just googling clean eating crock pot meals. I prefer ones that have less ingredients, that are easy to just toss in the bag and be done.

Check out these awesome time saving ingredients you can use in your recipes!

frozen peper strips

I love using these Recipe Ready Pepper Strips and Onion Blend bags for fajitas!

Minced garlic

Mincing garlic doesn’t necessarily take a lot of work, but it’s an extra step or two between pealing, mincing cleaning the mincer. This is just so easy to use a spoonful or two and be done.

frozen onion

Oh my gosh, what a great way to have no tear onions! I believe you can also get just onions in a bag like frozen veggies, but this is what I found and I love them!
green beans
cut carrots
Why buy frozen veggies? Well, you can easily dump them into your bag for one, and for two if you find you can’t use them all right now, you don’t have to worry about them going bad in your fridge if they don’t get used right away.
When I first started using my crock pot, I wasn’t sure what all I could make besides roast. Here are three that I will be making in the coming week or two.
Beef or pork roast with potatoes and carrots
BBQ Pulled Pork
Honey Garlic Chicken with green beans, carrots and potatoes
The potatoes I recommend are either sweet potatoes, or red potatoes. I do not have big sweet potato fans in our house, so we usually opt to use red potatoes.
I will share these recipes and a few more this coming week. It is definitely nice being able to come home, maybe making one side, and being done with dinner.
I hope I helped with some ways to save time with your meal prepping. The above helpers save time, and dishes.
Happy prepping!