Quick Crunchy Snacks

Do you ever just crave chips because you want the crunch of it? Well, try these snacks out out for a healthier option!

Pepperoni Chips. I was at work when I made these up, so your cooking time will vary depending on what you make them on. I laid my pepperoni out on a microwave safe paper plate, and then set the time for about 30 – 45 seconds. The grease coming off of them actually made it smoke slightly. I just checked until it felt crispy and then pulled them out and transferred to a smaller, non pepperoni greasy lol, plate. I got my crunch fix and had some protein!


The next one I made was a cheese crisp/chip. I was at home and wanted something crunchy and had already used up the pepperoni from prior days. So I took some shredded cheese we had, mexican blend, and made cheese crisps. Using block cheese and shredded it yourself is healthier to avoid the additives they put in shredded. I lined a baking sheet with parchment paper, spread out little clumps of cheese, sprinkled some garlic powder (you don’t need to use any salt seasoning since cheese is already salty), and then baked on 450 for about 5-7 minutes. Once it starts browning around the edges it’s good. Remove from sheet and place on a wire rack to dry just a little (this helps give it more crunch) and then you are good to snack away.


I hope you enjoy this low carb, clean eating, healthier options over chips! Let us know what your favorite is!