Oh Little Peanut!

I didn’t realize it had been such a long time since my last update. I was 32 weeks and now little peanut is just over 7 months old!

The last several weeks of the pregnancy were rough. I went from bedrest and being able to work from home to complete bedrest in the same week. Little one tried coming at 33 weeks, so the goal was to get to me to 37 weeks. We managed to get to 37 weeks and then I was induced.


She entered the world at 1:09 PM on November 16th weighing 8lbs 13oz. Let me tell you I do not want to know how much more she would’ve weighed had she baked any longer lol.

We soon discovered this little one, would start our adventure in learning sign language. She failed her first hearing test just like Makaylah, so I didn’t think anything of it at first, then she failed her second, but they said that it could still be fluid. So we went back to the hospital a week later, and she failed that test leading us to a pediatric audiologist. Sure enough she was diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss.


She is absolutely perfect in our eyes. That day we were given the diagnosis, my head was spinning just a bit with everyone I was told we would be in touch with. At first I was very confused who did what. We see the audiologist regularly right now, a hearing specialist to make sure she is staying where she should for all her milestones and how we can help her, a case worker who sets goals every 6 months, her regular Dr/Pediatrician who has been great keeping everything together and up to date, and then an ENT because she has had fluid since day 1. We will be getting ear tubes very soon.

Fast forward to today and she is about 7 1/2 months old now.


I have been able to go to a few events to help me connect to other parents who have child with hearing loss. I have attended an advocacy class, and I even started online ASL courses. I want her to always feel comfortable in her own home, and never have to struggle to communicate with us, or be exhausted from “communicating” all day out of the house and then just not want to when she gets home. This is her safe place and we will do everything we can to ensure she always feels safe, loved, and not like she is has to “work” to talk to her family.

When I was told I was pregnant, the day of my tubal procedure, I could’ve never imagined where this would lead us. I cannot imagine my life with her, and I cannot imagine not wanting to learn sign language now.

She was the blessing we never saw coming, and she completes my heart.



I hope you all had a great Easter! Our weekend was a little crazy since we wanted to try and get a photo with the Easter Bunny near our house. The good news is I had a cookie delivery, so the girls were happy about that while we were waiting.



We waited for about 1 hour and 15 minutes and then as we were toward the front, the poor bunny was over heated. He took a break and someone followed after him with some water. Unfortunately we weren’t able to wait until he came back, but my oldest was able to check out a few places she was interested in working at, so it was time well spent together.

Sunday morning the girls woke up to their Easter Baskets.


Then we headed off to service at The Rock Church in Goodyear. Poor Arianna stayed home with a low temp. Makaylah got to enjoy an egg hunt and a few other fun activities they had planned for the kids. She was so sweet and gave over half of her eggs to her sister when we got home. ❤

I helped out in the Afterschock room, so with some help from DLTK Kids, I did The Angel Rolled the Stone Away craft.


I decided to let the kiddos color their angels if they chose or they could keep them white. I love craft time with the kiddos on the Sundays I am back there with them.

We ended the day at home just relaxing, and made a nice and small ham dinner.

I will try to share my upcoming crafts ahead of time for those who might be interested in doing something similar. Thanks for following our crazy! Now go enjoy yours. ❤

Weekend Fun

This weekend got off to a bit of a rough start. My youngest was not feeling too hot, and had a fever off and on from Thursday through Saturday night. So we stayed home Saturday.

Sunday was a day of celebrations. We spent most of the day celebrating my husbands upcoming birthday.

We recently bought a motorcycle, but have not been able to go out on a ride until this weekend. So my husband picked where he wanted to go for lunch, and off we went.


We went to the bowling alley to celebrate a few more birthdays in the family. Once home we had cake and family time to end our Sunday.


I figured this is the best picture to represent my tribe. Crazy, silly, funny, and full of love. I am blessed to be married to this man and love celebrating him every chance we get.

Weekend Fun

This weekend started off with a fun night of dinner and painting at my daughter’s after school program, The Boys and Girls Club.

12794622_10207749705795871_5931592300418502944_n (1)

I feel it is important to keep family first. Sometimes we do not have a choice, and we have to work a little longer or later, and sometimes we have to put family before work. It should balance out, and if it’s not, rethink what you are doing. I had to do that several years ago, I was putting in 10+ hours a day, not seeing my kids at night, exhausted on the weekends, and not getting quality time with my family.

This night was important to them, they were looking forward to it, so I made it a priority. They were so excited to be able to do their own painting, and they can’t wait until I can get a hook on the paintings to put them up on the walls.

Saturday was about helping others. My husband and I made a run to Costco to get some gallon size bags to load up with water and snack items.


We made 54 bags each filled with a water, bag of chips, crackers, granola bar, and motts fruit snacks. The girls absolutely love when we form our little assembly line to get things done for others.


After we got everything bagged it up, we got it packed up ready to go.


There is an organization that has events a few times a month called Ignite Change AZ, I found them on Facebook. This was the second event I was able to go to, and my oldest goes with me. She loves being able to help hand items out.

I love that my girls hearts are in helping others. There is so much around us that we can do, we just have to look and then get involved. Family first, then helping others as often as we can. I hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones!