Weekend Fun

This weekend started off with a fun night of dinner and painting at my daughter’s after school program, The Boys and Girls Club.

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I feel it is important to keep family first. Sometimes we do not have a choice, and we have to work a little longer or later, and sometimes we have to put family before work. It should balance out, and if it’s not, rethink what you are doing. I had to do that several years ago, I was putting in 10+ hours a day, not seeing my kids at night, exhausted on the weekends, and not getting quality time with my family.

This night was important to them, they were looking forward to it, so I made it a priority. They were so excited to be able to do their own painting, and they can’t wait until I can get a hook on the paintings to put them up on the walls.

Saturday was about helping others. My husband and I made a run to Costco to get some gallon size bags to load up with water and snack items.


We made 54 bags each filled with a water, bag of chips, crackers, granola bar, and motts fruit snacks. The girls absolutely love when we form our little assembly line to get things done for others.


After we got everything bagged it up, we got it packed up ready to go.


There is an organization that has events a few times a month called Ignite Change AZ, I found them on Facebook. This was the second event I was able to go to, and my oldest goes with me. She loves being able to help hand items out.

I love that my girls hearts are in helping others. There is so much around us that we can do, we just have to look and then get involved. Family first, then helping others as often as we can. I hope you had a great weekend with your loved ones!