Banana Ice Cream

So when I buy banana’s, I will buy an extra bunch to cut in halves and then freeze.


These come in handy for my morning drinks if I want a banana, I just use half in place of some of the ice. Another thing I love to use these for is banana ice cream.

I take half and toss it in my Nija, you can use a blender (I am not sure what setting since I use my Nija), and then blend it up. At first it will be kind of choppy, and seem like it’s not going to blend, but just keep at it and it will blend.

Scoop it out, and there is your banana ice cream. You can add flavorings if you like or even fresh vanilla bean paste prior to blending it. I like drizzling honey over it and topping with a few dark chocolate chips.

Banana Ice Cream

This is a healthy way to have a sweet frozen treat.