One of my friends who was a Younique lover and presenter (sold the products) had stopped selling and then introduced BeautyCounter to me. I joined her online launch party/group and as I was reading information and finding out more, this was a company I knew I wanted to be part of. It was perfect timing because I was actually trying to decide between Younique (from another friend) and another new company another friend introduced me too, but I wasn’t 100% sold on either. BeautyCounter I was hooked before ever even trying their products, but after trying the products I feel in love!

What sold me on the company? Their transparency and the fact they were actually starting a movement. They aren’t just another company putting products out, they are actually trying to get our laws updated for how beauty products are made and sold.


Every ingredient used in a BC product is listed, regardless of the amount. Other companies, per laws that have not been updated since 1938, are not required to list ingredients below a certain percentage. It’s a little scary not knowing everything that we are using on our skin (it absorbs most of what we put on it).

Here is a list that BC provides so that you can check your products (if they are listed) and know that these are harmful ingredients and chemicals to stay away from!


A company that wants us to know the products we are using are safe, they have banned over 1500 ingredients (which is more than even the strictest overseas countries have banned), and they are working to get our own laws updated so that other companies have to fully list everything or stop using known harmful chemicals and ingredients. That is what I want to be part of.


No, we aren’t just makeup. We have bath and shower products, baby and kid products, sunscreen, oils and more.

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