It is What it is

I had pushed myself to finish something that had been on my heart and I fear I went to fast and didn’t produce quality. It can’t hit the people it was meant to if I don’t wait for the timing and the right words. I got excited at the possibility of putting an eBook out there and starting to earn something extra. However, I don’t think that is the right venue for me, at least not at this time. I do have a vision, for an eBook, but when I sit down to start on it, my mind keeps going blank. So maybe that is a vision I need to let go of.

So in the mean time, since words usually flow to me as I am working on my blog, I will just keep sharing here.

My oldest daughter, who is no out of the house, was a struggle for us. I am sure we were a struggle for her and there will be different stories you hear depending on who you talk to. Being past that now, I can look back and I see a point in time where I just stopped living stressed. I am fairly sure that my husband and kiddos might have a different story ha! But I had a friend who asked me at the time what happened, did everything just start going right in my life because I didn’t seem bothered anymore.

I cannot pinpoint exactly when it all clicked for me, but I try very hard telling everyone if you cannot change don’t hang on to it. We can only control ourselves. How we react to something, how we move on from something, how we feel, etc. We can spin our minds all day long about the actions of others and get lost in the emotional roller coaster of those thoughts trying to figure out a fix, or figure out why. What does this do for, or rather, to you? It steals time from us.

Time is so valuable. We cannot get time back once it’s gone. Sometimes the only thing we have to give to someone else, is our time, and that can be the most valuable thing we can do for them. Be careful how you spend it, who you spend it with, and who you spend it on.

The biggest thing that has helped me when something happens is “It is what it is”. I have used that in my work life and personal life. When I calm down from something, I remind myself it is what it is. Then I figure out if I can do anything about it, if not, I have to let it go and move on. If I can do something, I need to make sure it’s positive, helpful, and moving in the right direction.

So I did mention a difficult child, and that is something I will dive into in later posts. Just know that if you are dealing with a difficult child, stay strong, don’t give in, pray, and remind yourself it is what it is. They are choosing their actions and you need to be careful in choosing yours. Pay attention to who their time is being spent with. You have every right to change who they spend their time with and if you need to then do it. Just don’t stay caught in that seasons because you are letting emotions control you and causing you to loose valuable time.

I think more than anything else, saying “It is what it is” helps me accept what I cannot change. Try it if you need to. Keep yourself moving forward and spending every bit of that precious time on people and things that matter, that you can control.

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