Bump Boxes

Everything seems to have a subscription type box now. I have to say I have tried a few of them, and right now my favorite is Bump Boxes! You get a boxed through each month of your pregnancy, and you can continue through your child’s first year.

I was excited when my first one arrived.

While my review is definitely late with this one, I am pleased to say I enjoyed all the different products that were sent.

The ecotools muslin cloths are amazing! Very soft on the face, perfect for washing/rinsing of your face.

The Cleansing face mas was nice, I just caution it is a little gritty (like microdermabrasion type grit) so be careful not to scrub too hard when applying or rinsing off.

The body wash smells amazing and was nice as well.

I only used the skin lightening cream once, it was nice and lightweight. I just don’t usually change the products I use as my face can be sensitive, but I wanted to at least try it.

The coconut eye pads were amazing, nice and cool! I do want to buy more of those actually. Felt like they were just what I needed.


I couldn’t wait to see what was in my second box!


I love how the belly butter feels! The massage device, not even sure what that is called honestly, but it feels great on my back and my daughters love rubbing my back with it, and of course they would like a rub in exchange lol.

My oldest tried the hand and foot massager, and I don’t think it ever made it’s way back to me. She said it feels amazing on her feet. I am going to have to hijack that back.

The softening foot and heel balm is amazing! I use it every night right now.

The maple peacan ONA Cookie was ok. I am use to sweet cookies, and while this did have some sweet, I don’t think it would satisfy any sweet tooth cravings.

The Momosa book was awesome! I haven’t made anything just yet, but am marking the recipes I want to try. Will share later what I ended up making and how I liked them.

I highly suggest if you are expecting, signing up for this Bump Box monthly subscription box and get some pampering sent right to your door.



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