Homemade Popsicles

One of the products I love from TruVision is the Heart & Hydration! It comes in a fruit punch or grape flavor. My girls (even the youngest pickiest one) love it as well! So, I decided to make some cold treats for us to enjoy in the evening. That’s right, popsicles!


I bought some 100% juice to mix with the Heart & Hydration, and then some berries to toss in. I took one packet of the H&H and mixed with a bottle of water. I put some berries in first.


Then I added some H&H to them. Followed by the juice.

I made them in the morning, so then off to work and the Boys and Girls Club we all went. Then after dinner, the girls loved them! It is now our nightly “treat”!


Why do I love Heart & Hydration? It replenishes those electrolytes we need, hydrates your body, and is good for your heart with NO SUGAR! This isn’t your typical sports drink, it’s better!


If you are like me, you want yourself, and your whole family, to be as healthy as possible. And let’s face, who likes drinking ONLY water?! Not I! So this gives you something else to drink, and you can safely let your family drink this as well.



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