Water – Tucson Trip – 60th Birthday

I am so blessed to have found a group of people that do things through the year for the community around us, focus on military/vets/homeless vets. One of the friends of the club works with homeless vets, and it’s a very hot time of year for us right now so they collect water to hand out. Our shop came through in such a big way, it makes my heart happy to know these people, and help their causes.


We went back to Tucson to visit my mom for her 60th birthday, and my sister and her family came over as well. This time I did get some pictures, but I still missed one of my nephews! Next time I will get everyone! Our youngest nephew, pictured below, is just now about 4 months, he is so cute!

One of the things my mom loves, is being crafty/artsy, so she likes to try and plan something to do with the kids when they go. Wish such a range of ages, it’s hard sometimes to get something that everyone will enjoy, but the girls have always seemed to love what she has for them. This time, it was painting using a toilet paper flower, I am not sure how else to explain it and of course I didn’t get a picture of them. After the girls were done using that, they used paint brushes, colored pens, markers to finish their work of Art.

We just enjoyed a fast lunch of pizza, gets hard traveling and making something etc. The kids were pretty pleased. 🙂 My sister made an amazing black forest cake, can’t wait to see that recipe! My mom enjoyed some gifts and bright flowers.

It was a great weekend with awesome friends/family. Love those kind of weekends. I guess now I have to start getting my next couple weeks worth of  meals planned and get my shopping list done. Trying very hard to stay healthy through the rest of this pregnancy. Of course pizza here and there never hurts. Thank you for catching up with us!


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