Graduation Party, Tucson Trip, Baby Girl, and More!

Phew, I feel like I fall behind on posting what we are up to, and then when I post three is so much to catch up on! The craziness we call life never ends right?!

So first up was a graduation party that we went to as a family. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. the girls got to enjoy some pool time, and then my oldest decided she didn’t really want to be captured on photo, lol. We had some great food, great laughs, and were very appreciative to have been included in this special occasion.

Pool party

I had originally opted to not do any testing, and then at another appointment decided to go ahead and do testing and add the gender test. We are having our fourth girl! So crazy, but we make some beautiful girls so one more is just fine. ❤

It's a girl

We took a trip to Tucson to visit my uncle’s family and my sister came over too! It was great to see her. And I don’t know what happened, but I severely lacked in the picture department while there. However, my youngest had my oldest take a picture of her at the rest stop on the way back, because she knows I love pictures! Lol


The girls get to dress up on Fridays. I think they are two of the only ones to be consistent with it, but they look forward to each new week. First they Alohaed into Summer, then the Pirates took on the Caribbean, and then Superheroes took on Villians!

I am now 15 weeks, well almost 16 weeks, along with this little girl. We haven’t settled on a name yet, but there are are a few in the works.

15 weeks

I tried chicken and waffles a while ago, probably like a few years ago, with a friend. However, it was said that we have got to try LoLo’s, so I finally did! I have to admit, it was much better than the first try somewhere else. Their cornbread was great too, however the actual corn kernels threw me off a little.

chicken and waffles

I took the girls out to frozen yogurt since we weren’t able to make the last food truck event. They were happy to be inside where it was nice and cool with a nice cool treat!

I ordered TruVision rePlace shakes. They come packed with 20 grams of protein and so many other nutrients your body needs. I also got some Heart and Hydration. With this heat sucking everything out of a person I want to stay hydrated but make sure my other levels are good as well. Best part, it’s better than a sports drink, less the sugar and calories! I plan to have the rePlace at night after working out, or as a snack if I am feeling extra hungry during the day.


To help celebrate a friends birthday, we went and had lunch, and then we got pedicures. It was nice. And it was a reminder to myself that we need to treat ourselves like that, more than just once or twice a year.

pedicure with the ladies

I have to say I love Walmart Grocery ordering, and picking up and done. It has been saving me so much time! Now normally I would have a separate post about meal prepping with recipes, but I didn’t save the links. So I will share some of what I did and next time I will be sure to have links.

For breakfasts this week we are having paleo chocolate waffles, pumkin pancakes and muffins. I threw some mini chocolate chips in the muffins and waffles. I make some scrambled eggs in the morning and cut up some fruit and done.

For lunches this week, I have BLT salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing, and chicken egg roll in a bowl.

For dinners, I prepped a few veggies packs (carrots, red potatoes, and cabbage) to go with some corned beef we had in the freezer. *Hint, when packing something to go in the crock pot, put what you want on top, in the bag first* I also cut up some chicken breast into smaller pieces to make crispy chicken tenders. I am using up some other items we have in the freezer like a roast and other veggies, and then I got some spaghetti and garlic bread for a couple easy dinners, one this week and one next.

The tenders didn’t come out how I was hoping in our Airfyer, so I will try it a little different net time. the fries I am always happy with how they turn out. nice and crispy.

This week we started off with a Kona Ice truck coming to work! It was a great cool down treat for a week of high temps!

work kona ice

If you live in the Phoenix area, or another area were there are high temps (triple digits yikes) stay well hydrated! thank you for checking in our craziness. Enjoy life, be kind, show love!


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