The Zoo, a Birthday (or two) and Memorial Weekend Trip

So two weekends ago we took a little trip to Yuma. Our destination was part of a passbook ride we are doing for Starabella, who is a little girl who has cancer. This passbook ride is to help raise funds to her family to help with treatment, give them maybe even a mini vacation without having to worry about costs etc.

Our first stop for the ride was Yuma Territorial Prison. They had these beautiful flower bushes outside.

Yuma girls

While in Yuma we stopped at the Armed Forces Park. it was much bigger than seen below, and they still have places to add more names. They honored all of the military branches here which I think is awesome.


We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch, and I was actually able to capture a picture of my husband with our youngest daughter.

Yuma dad and Makaylah

We have driven through Gila Bend a few times on other trips we have done, and we always see these two planes and I told Travis this time I wanted to stop and get a few pictures. I got one of me with the two girls.

Gila Bend Plan

My oldest daughters birthday was on the 22nd. I took that day to spend with my youngest and her class on their end of year field trip. So after my oldest got out of school I picked her up and treated her to ColdStone.

Sonya coldstone

She received mostly electronic gadgets this year. iPhone 7, laptop, and we will be giving her another gift this summer (more details once that time comes).

Sonya presents

My little two got out of school a day before my oldest. To kick off summer with them, I took them to zoo (that zoo membership pays for itself, even if I don’t go as often as I think I will). To help save money since we were getting ready to go out of town on a trip, we took water and lunch with us.

For Memorial weekend (also my birthday weekend) we wanted to finish up the stops for the passbook ride, and have some fun with the family out of town. Unfortunately my oldest ended up getting sick, so it was just the little two who ended up going, but we had a good time.

We first stopped by the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. We originally didn’t think we could afford to go in, so I wasn’t worried about their hours. They were closed when we got there and we decided we would take another trip another time and actually go in/through.

We ended up stopping by a Burger King for a pit stop and grabbed a few chicken nuggets for the girls and drinks. Outside in the lot across from them, they had some Navajo Sweat Lodges set up so we could see what those look like. The girls were able to go inside a smaller one.

We then headed up to 4 Corners. I do recommend going at least once. It is pretty neat being able to be in 4 different states. We didn’t wait in the long line to stand right in the middle of all 4 states, but we did walk up the different ramps for the different states.

Again, to save money we took dollar store lunchables with us, and precooked a few different dishes to eat cold while out and about during the day.

We stayed the night in Winslow, AZ at Motel 6. They do not have free breakfast, but do have free Wi-Fi and they have an indoor poll and hot tub. Since I am pregnant, I cannot get in hot tubs right now, but my husband said it was more like a hot bath and not what you expect from a hot tub. The beds were too hard for me, so I had a hard time sleeping that night, however, my husband actually slept better than at other places. Just depends on what you prefer. The girls had a blast in the pool, it was bit too chilly for me, so I didn’t get all the way in, but waded a little while they played.

The next day we hit the spot they are famous for, Standing on the Corner.

Memorial standing on the corner

While seeing if there was anything else to see or do near Winslow, I found that they had a 9/11 Remembrance Garden, so we stopped by that on the way out of town.

Memorial 911 rememberance garden

We stopped in Prescott for our 2nd night and stated at American’s Best Inn. I was able to sleep much better once we got the temp right in the room. They had a mini fridge and microwave in the the room, and had free breakfast. The girls of course loved the indoor pool and hot tub most. My husband said this hot tub was definitely a hot tub and I could definitely not get in this one.

While in Prescott we stopped by the Civic Center to check out some of the cool statues there.

memorial prescott

Monday we enjoyed breakfast, they had some mini muffins and cinnamon rolls, a few different cereals to choose from, coffee/tea/hot cocoa, waffle maker, and hot cereal. We took out time getting ready, and then headed home.

My stomach was an issue a few times on the trip. Especially since we decided to come home through Yarnell, and drove through all that twisty road. I thought I would be ok, but found out different. Thankfully I didn’t get sick though. Still figuring out what this baby likes and doesn’t like and so close to being fully through 1st trimester, yay!

I hope you have all had a great past few weeks, a great Memorial Day, and hope you took some time to visit a memorial service, or at least took a time of silence in observance of Memorial Day.

Remember to cherish the time you have with your loved ones, you never know when things might change. Thank you for reading about our crazy adventures!



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