Baby Brown Week 11

It still seems like yesterday we were told that I was pregnant, and yet it seems like I should be further than just 11 weeks. Knowing this will be my last, I am trying to enjoy every moment (super easy when morning sickness is an all day thing right).

The last few days I have finally felt as close to normal as possible, just extremely exhausted at night. ENERGY COME BACK.

That being said, what got me through most of my first trimester? CARBS! Do you know how hard it is seeing the scale go back up so quickly after working so hard to get it down (and it was a slow process)!? I know I know, I am pregnant and I will gain some weight, but not so much in just the first trimester. I am trying to not focus on that, but it’s hard, not going to lie. I gained a ton of weight in my first pregnancy, did great with the middle two (even lost the pregnancy weight from the middle two before my 6 week check up). What I wanted if I did have a fourth pregnancy, was to have a cute pregnancy, with a cute baby belly. I think God tried waiting to give me everything I wanted, and then I jumped the gun scheduling my tubes to be tied and there was no more waiting for me to loose the weight lol.

So now I am here, a fourth overweight pregnancy, trying to not flip out at how much weight I have already gained. My focus (now that I am not nauseous all day) is just going to be getting back to healthier diet and incorporate my walking in again. I have Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds at home so I can add in more at night (once my energy is back, or at least more). Then I will just work with my OB for good goals from here on out.

Why share this? Because I am not the only one who feels this way, and I want you to know it’s ok. But you can’t stay focused on it. You are where you are, I am where I am, and all we can do is be healthy for ourselves and our baby we are growing into a tiny human. Stay positive cause that precious little baby can feel your vibes and a positive atmosphere is best. Enjoy every minute of it (ok maybe after the morning sickness is gone lol).

I don’t know that I tracked my progress with baby bumps in any of my previous pregnancies because of the overweight thing, so I am going well out of my comfort zone to do that with this one. Maybe you are not comfortable with that, but track it for you, even if you don’t share the photos. You and your little one at some point in the future might want to look back on this precious time. So this is me, sharing where I am at 11 weeks.



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