Foodstock, Crafts, and Mother’s Day

My goodness I don’t know where the time goes! We have been having fun staying busy around work and school.

We started last weekend off at Home Depot where there was a make and take activity for the kids, and it was perfect for Mother’s Day! They got to make a flower pot. Their next one is June 3rd, they will be making a tic tac toe game, see if there is one in your area.

Home Depot Craft

Then there was a Foodfest at a local sports park, so many food trucks, so many different types of food. They all smelled amazing. My oldest wanted a horchata and at the same truck they had strawberry and a couple other melon waters, but the strawberry sounded good to me and a great way to get some hydration. The little two are a little more picky so they just got waters.

Foodfest drinks

We started off with face painting, and then the way we walked in was right next to an ice cream truck, and this pregnant mama wanted ice cream, so the girls got spoiled and got to have dessert first. Then we went to the bounce house area, the girls had some fun there but with the sun beating down we didn’t stay too long in that area. Then the hunt for actual lunch food, since we already had dessert, was on! A lot of the trucks offered samples for a cheap price, or some dishes for regular price. We went to 2 Fat Guys Grilled Cheese truck and got a regular grilled cheese for the girls, they use garlic bread! Amazing! I still hadn’t found something that was calling my name so we kept walking and then got to the Pirate Ship Splash Pad and the girls couldn’t wait to cool off so we stayed there for a bit.

Foodfest Splashpad

While there my oldest noticed that there was a Henna Tattoo place set up, so she got a Henna Tattoo on the side of her neck while we let the little two play.

Foodfest Henna

Finally, hunger kicked in so we got the little two dried off and back on the hunt for food we went. I found this BBQ Pork truck that had pulled pork nachos. OMG! They had baked beans on them, cheese, and topped with pulled BBQ pork, they were amazing! I never EVER would’ve thought about putting baked beans on nachos!

Foodfest Nachos

My youngest wasn’t feeling so good on Monday and neither was I so we stayed home and got some rest. We both went to work, her to school, on Tuesday and that night she was running a fever. Poor thing ended up with Bronchitis. So I worked from home Wednesday, so blessed that I can do that, and she came in to work with me Thursday and Friday (since she still had a fever). She was luck and caught a nap both days at work. Gosh it’s hard going to work with mom, all these activities to do, watching NetFlix on her tablet, and napping, lol.

Makaylah at work

Tuesday, I wore my new LulaRoe Outfit that was given to me for an early birthday present by an amazing friend. If you aren’t sure what LulaRoe is, you should check out my friends (different friend) group on Facebook. They are some of the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn, and they aren’t just leggings, there are several top styles, skirts, dresses, even wraps!

Birthday Outfit

This past weekend for a birthday event, I was trying to find a paint night, and someone tagged me in a wine glass event that was going on. I have never painted wine glasses so it was prefect! I didn’t get a picture of everyone’s glasses, but they were all so amazing, we had the same instructions and yet made them our own.

Mother’s Day my husband wanted to take me out, but mornings on weekends we are all very slow so we didn’t make it out for breakfast, but made it out for lunch instead lol. We went to Claim Jumpers and the food was amazing! They even had Mother’s Day coloring mats for the girls, and even my oldest decided she wanted one.

I ended up getting the Tri-Tip Dip sandwich and we ended it with their Chocolate Motherload Cake, wowza!

We sure know how to stay busy and have fun! Please don’t ask to see my house, lol. I hope all you mama’s, dads playing the role of both, grandma’s etc. had a great day yesterday! You deserve it! ❤




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