Belle, Minivan, and Laughlin Oh My!

Oh my goodness, how much can change and happen in a short time. To start, I had a fun pain with Belle and the girls at our local pottery place, As You Wish. They absolutely loved seeing Belle. I still need to pick up their pottery, oops.


Our oldest daughter, almost 17, went to prom with a few friends. She is just absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to see where her road leads her, and at the same time I cannot believe she is almost 17!


So, with the news of our growing family, we decided we needed to get a bigger vehicle. We started off, well my husband, wanting an SUV. He made an appointment to look at one he found online within the price we felt we could afford. When we got there, we were told that they actually sold the suburban (go big or go home right, ha) and that he was looking to see what else they had that would be close to our price range. After looking around at different vehicles, we opened up the range to minivans. Yes that’s right, we are now a minivan family. Something at one point in my life I insisted I would never drive, but somewhere along the way it just felt right and fits our family. I actually like driving it.


All of this and yet we still have more to share! We went to Laughlin for the 2017 River Run with our riding club. I love those people. I did ride with my husband almost all the way there, then switched into the truck. We stayed on the 15th floor had a great view of the river.

15th floor

Our first night there, husband found a onsie he just had to buy for the baby! I will just say I cannot believe this is the first piece of clothing bought for the baby lol.

First onsie

We saw so many awesome bikes, but with my morning sickness, I was focused on not getting sick instead of getting more pictures. But I did get a few. This one is my favorite. If I remember correctly, this was only $40,000. Pocket change right?

flame bike

We enjoyed the buffet twice while there. The first night (actually our second night in Laughlin) was seafood night. I did not partake of the seafood but I had some other delicious items. Of course I thought I would hit the dessert part and it was all pretty tasty.


I wish I had gotten a picture of the homemade onion rings I had there as well. they were so good, but there were sooooooo many I wasn’t able to eat more than 1/4 of it, but I tried, lol. We ended our trip by hitting the buffet again for breakfast. So many options, and my eyes were bigger than my stomach, but it was soooo good.


Oh my goodness…so much to update at once, and now you see why I say Our Crazy Life 24/7! There is always something. not to mention there were a few soccer games in between this all as well. 🙂

The only thing I wish I had changed, was giving myself one more PTO day off after coming back from Laughlin, but I do enjoy who I work with, so it wasn’t horrible lol.

Thanks for joining our adventures. ❤


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