Positive Changes

Monday I had a doctors appointment, well two actually, but the second one was pretty behind schedule, and I had a dental appointment scheduled for my oldest daughter that was quickly approaching.

Thankfully prior to Monday, I thought what would happen if my appointment ran late, I didn’t want to have to worry about rescheduling the dental appointment, so I reached out and asked my mother in law for help, and turns out it was good thinking ahead.

When I finally got back in the room, there was some misunderstanding about what type of appointment I had wanted, but thankfully I clarified and we were able to get done what I had initially wanted.

We had a nice evening meeting up with some friends and letting our girls skate away and have some pizza and soda. It a nice ending to the day.

Reflecting on the day later at home, once the girls were in bed, I realized it was very blessed day for us. We are blessed that someone not only had the time to help us, but they were more than willing to help, we are blessed that it was easy to get my appointment straightened out without having to reschedule, we are blessed that we have friends to spend time with, and we are blessed that we have extra funds to spend time out with the family and/or friends.

I realized that had this been a year in a half ago, I would have been pissed, I would’ve been messaging with my friends, I would’ve ranted on my social media sites, I wouldn’t have seen the good in any part of the day, and I would’ve complained angrily about it at our event that night. Did I mention it? Yes, but in terms that I was thankful that I thought ahead and the help was there because we needed it. Did it upset me? No. What changed?

Postive Change

I saw how much my husband was trying to please me, and how much it was killing him. I saw how much I rushed the girls and they would look sad as I was getting after them, instead of enjoying my time with them, I was rushing from one event to another. Things had to change.

So I changed the people I surrounded myself with. It was not easy, and I have had to deal with the fall out, but in the end, my family is happier which makes me happier. I don’t feel obligated to make events, I don’t worry about if I want to be home by a certain time, I know that we won’t get involved in negative talking about other people, I know that no matter what happens while we are out, we won’t focus on the negative, but instead on the positive.

When you start making changes, don’t beat yourself up when you find you are still doing the same things. It takes time, it takes really thinking about what you are doing and saying. It takes thinking about your thoughts, and changing them. Yes, changing your thoughts. If you are always thinking negatively, that’s how you will speak and act. You need to change your thoughts to positive ones.

There is always going to be negative things that happen, that surround us in every day life. But we don’t have to add to that negativity, we should be building each other up, and if we talk about others, it should be in a positive way. We are here to be the light, we need to make sure we are shinning as brightly as we can. Let’s help each other, do as much kindness as we can for others, and speak positively.


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